Mini Hide Backpack

Mini Hide Backpack


This mini hide backpack includes:

-high quality RiRi zipper

-nickel chain

-inside is 4” by 3.5”

-outside measures 5” by 4.5”

-all leather straps

-backpack is fully made from calf-skin

-100% silk lining

Choose from a longer strap for a more relaxed fit/if you are tall (39” in length) or from a shorter strap if you want something more snug/if you are shorter (33” in length) Don’t forget, leather is a natural product that will form to you, become softer overtime and shape itself nicely to your liking.

*Please note that this material is from a natural product and each custom made backpack will vary slightly in hue. Each skin has unique shapes and variations that your bag will be entirely special to you!*

Strap Length:
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